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Jandowae Dam upgrades creates a wave of benefits

13 July 2016

Operational changes to the Jandowae Dam will benefit the township by ensuring safety of users, securing the sustainability of the facility and boosting tourism in the area.

  • Council responded to the Queensland Government’s audit requirements and an assessment resulted in a number of upgrades required to the dam which was constructed in the 1960s;
  • The Jandowae Referable Dam Project will be undertaken over the period of three years, allowing sections of the facility to remain open during the process;
  • Works include improvements to water supply infrastructure and integrity of the dam;
  • Approximately 180 to 200 trees will be removed as per the Department of Natural Resources and Mines Vegetation Clearing Framework Reports to enable access for maintenance and inspections in addition to reducing fire hazards;
  • Reinstating banks will involve minimal dredging and the positioning of ‘Rip Rock’ to reduce erosion;
  • Installation of new signage and fencing will identify revised guidelines and restricted areas that are no longer accessible to the public;
  • Camping will no longer be permitted on the site, encouraging visitors to utilise the existing facilities at the Showgrounds and Jandowae Caravan Park;
  • By adhering to the requirements of the audit results, the facility will continue to be utilised as a water supply and recreational facility for skiing, fishing, boating and swimming.

Council Spokesperson for Utilities Councillor Peter Saxelby said that the operational changes were vital to maintain the safety of the dam for the town, with works scheduled to commence in the coming months.

“As part of ensuring the long-term sustainability and use of the Jandowae Dam we’ve had to put some revised guidelines and restrictions in place to meet strict State Government requirements,” he said.

“One of these changes is to camping onsite. With the Jandowae Dam now classified as referable, a Dam Safety Management Plan has been put into place as required by the State Government, which prohibits camping for the safety of users in case of a dam failure.

“The silver lining of this outcome is that camping facilities are available at both the Showgrounds and the Jandowae Caravan Park.

“Council predict the increase of visitors camping at these locations will increase money spent within the township, benefiting local businesses and tourism for the area.

“Council acknowledge that this facility is integral to the Jandowae community not only as a water supply but also as a recreational facility. The project affords Council an opportunity to ensure the sustainability of the facility for generations to come.”

For more information, contact Council’s Infrastructure Services Department on 1300 COUNCIL.

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