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Infrastructure Charge Review encourages significant development opportunities

25 January 2016

At its Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 20 January Western Downs Regional Council adopted an Infrastructure Charges Review showing promising figures to stimulate development across the region.

  • The review compares Council’s current Infrastructure Charges against the charges levied by eight Councils in Queensland that are similar in population size or development application types as Western Downs;
  • The findings demonstrate Council is highly competitive in nearly all cases in the level of applied Infrastructure Charges in affordability and lot availability;
  • Council’s industrial and commercial reconfiguration of lot charges are positioned second lowest across the other Councils. This is in part due to Council’s recent innovative approach of sliding scale rates;
  • The review was essential as part of the planning process to assist Council to integrate land use planning and infrastructure planning with the Amended Draft Western Downs Planning Scheme.

Council Spokesperson for Planning Councillor Ray Jamieson welcomed the review and believes the figures are a lever of incentive to stimulate growth in our principal towns and region as a whole.

“Demonstrating our competitive charges will ultimately make more projects viable, creating more jobs and economic growth over the long term,” he said.

Cr Jamieson said the pool of available lots in all zones, coupled with Council’s fast tracking of assessing development applications demonstrates multiple advantages for various sectors including manufacturing and agriculture.

“In addition, the increased credit of $63,000 applied for Industrial lots and $40,320 for commercial lots at both the reconfiguration of a lot and material change of use stages is another major incentive for developers,” he said.

“This review of charges will allow Western Downs the ability to compete with other cities and regions for development projects and create the right environment for developers to progress their ideas in our great region.”

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