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Increase in burn-offs on residential properties

16 October 2015

Residents are reminded to dispose of all waste at a Western Downs Regional Council waste facility or transfer station and not light fires on their properties or commercial business premises.

Spokesperson for Environmental Health Councillor Greg Olm said the disposal of domestic waste at a Council facility was free of charge and included bagged general waste, green waste and recyclables, however, commercial waste such as builders’ rubble, timber and packaging attracted a fee.

“Council’s Local Laws and the Environmental Protection Act 1994 provide a guideline on lighting fires in residential areas,” he said.

“According to Section 7 of Subordinate Local Law No. 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2011 the lighting of fires in a designated local government area is prohibited unless the fire is enclosed in a fireplace that has been constructed to prevent the escape of fire or any burning material.

“The Environmental Protection Act 1994 has provisions for environmental nuisances including smoke, odour and particles, which makes it an offence to create such a nuisance.

“Being vigilant in this area of fire safety could also impact on bushfire prevention and awareness. With the upcoming bushfire season approaching, residents are reminded to assess their fire risk and to prepare a home emergency plan or a bushfire survival plan for their home and property. Your local SES and Fire Warden will be able to assist residents to get ready for the bushfire season.”

For more information on your rights in regards to lighting fires on residential and commercial land, contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL.

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