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If you found a new pet under the tree this Christmas, don’t forget to register them

15 January 2015

We all know that Christmas is a busy time of the year, so if you received a new canine companion from Santa Claus, registering them with Council probably wasn’t the first thing on your mind. With the festive season over, now’s the time to register your new pet with Council.

Spokesperson for Environmental Health Councillor Greg Olm said registration is an important part of responsible pet ownership and with Council’s regular Approved Inspection Program beginning across the region, it’s a timely reminder for Western Downs residents to register their dogs.

“From now until Tuesday 30 June, Council will be conducting its first round of the annual Approved Inspection Program aimed at making sure pet owners are registering their dogs and meeting their obligations under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008. This is very similar to an approved inspection program undertaken last year,” he said.

“All puppies over 12 weeks old must be registered with Council and if you’ve recently welcomed an older dog into the family, you must register them with Council within two weeks of becoming their new owner.

“Besides meeting your legal obligations, a key benefit for registering your dog is that Council will be able to quickly and easily arrange for lost animals to be returned to their rightful home and reunited with their owners.”

Cr Olm said that for the duration of the program, Local Laws Officers will be systematically visiting all properties across the region for compliance.

“Under the provisions of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, Local Laws Officers are allowed to exercise additional powers to enter private properties during the period of the Approved Inspection Program,” he said.

“However, Local Laws Officers need to follow a set of strict rules and regulations when conducting these inspections. This includes introducing themselves with photo identification if residents are at home. If however residents aren’t home, Local Laws Officers will only enter a property if there’s reasonable suspicion that there are dogs on the property despite Council’s records showing that there are no dogs registered at that address.”

Residents can register their dog at any time during the year at any of Council’s Customer Service Centres.

For more information on responsible pet ownership and Approved Inspection Programs, visit Council’s Animal Management webpage or call 1300 COUNCIL.

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