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Flying fox relocation efforts in Jandowae achieve positive outcome for community

22 January 2016

Following assessments from Western Downs Regional Council and a specialist flying fox ecologist, this week Council along with a number of dedicated community members and groups commenced efforts to relocate a colony of 3,000 Little Red Flying Foxes in Jandowae.

  • Initial dispersal activities by Council, residents, and Jandowae Fire and Rescue and Jandowae SES Units, re-settled a large number of the flying fox colony away from residential areas, with approximately half of the colony moving away from the area completely;
  • Dispersal activities continued throughout the week with the aim to resettle the remaining number of flying foxes in the parklands on the corner of Dalby and Market Streets, where impact on the community is limited;
  • Council staff undertook strategic pruning of the trees at the intermediate roost site to encourage the remaining flying foxes to move on;
  • After five consecutive days of dispersal efforts by Council and the Jandowae community a resolution was finally reached with the roost resettling in an unknown location east of Jandowae.

Council Spokesperson for Environmental Health Councillor Greg Olm has commended the Jandowae community for their level of support during the dispersal of the Little Red Flying Fox colony.

“The dispersal of the flying fox colony has achieved a great outcome for the Jandowae community with the roost resettling in an area with minimal impact, despite some initial resistance from the roost to resettle. This is to the credit of the outstanding support we’ve received from the Jandowae community who’ve greatly assisted Council staff with dispersal efforts,” he said.

“Residents are reminded that they should notify Council as soon as possible if flying foxes resettle back in the Jandowae area.

“We are also asking residents to notify Council if they have any information on where the roost may have resettled.

“I would like to thank the residents of Jandowae, as well as the Jandowae Fire and Rescue and Jandowae SES Units for their support during this dispersal period.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the roost please call Council on 1300 COUNCIL.

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