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Franchise Opportunities

Find out more about franchise opportunities and featured exhibitors who attended the 2017 expo.

Burger & Beer Joint

A master franchise or area development opportunity the Burger and Beer Joint is the ultimate sporting pub created to celebrate your local legends. A destination favourite to both locals and tourists. Customers experience B&B’s popular happy hour crowd as well as the late night fun; or just a place to go and enjoy a burger for lunch or dinner in a sports-themed environment.

Beyond Rest

Beyond Rest connects people with their true selves and helps them to discover their ‘super-powers’ through floating. Floating is an experience that blocks out all distractions and puts you into a state of utter relaxation. Regular float sessions benefit people physically by reducing pain and relaxing the body and mentally by increasing creativity, wellness, clarity and control.

Charcoal Johnson

Charcoal Johnson is American BBQ done the right way and is simply the best smoke barbeque experience in Australia.

Franck Provost

A Franck Provost franchise connects you with a world leader in the hair industry, renowned for its Parisian glamour, sophistication and personalised service. Ranked #1 in Europe and #2 in the world, there are over 600 Franck Provost salons across the globe, including 23 in Australia. 


Huxtaburger is a group of casual quick service restaurants that serve up mouth-watering American style burgers. Their larger-than-life personality explodes with an accompaniment of delicious condiments that keep the burger fans coming back for more.

Little-L Chicken Burgers

Little-L started back in 2008, with a simple mission to make awesome chicken burgers. This involves using fresh and locally sourced ingredients where possible, complemented by traditional home style sauces. The menu boasts delicious chicken burgers, beef burgers, salads, wraps, rolls and more – with new options always being added to woo customers back in.


Lollipop’s Playland Cafe

Lollipops was founded in 1993 and since has expanded to a multi-national franchise with locations extending over Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. While the business itself has grown, the initial goal has remained the same- to provide a safe space where children can safely play in a creative environment, and parents can relax and have peace of mind.


The core of P3 sits with their Italian heritage and a desire to make a difference in the hospitality space. They want to be able to serve up great tasting food, that is fresh, doesn’t break the bank in a warm family atmosphere. 

Physio Inq

Physio Inq will improve your quality of life by looking at all the details. Their philosophy is to enable freedom of mind and movement through physical therapies. 

Sportsmans Warehouse

Sportsmans Warehouse is a thriving big box regional retailer with 10 locations and an impressive history in sports and fitness. The brand was founded by the Libbis & Short families over thirty years ago – now it is managed by three longstanding and highly experienced owners, Sajat, Alannah and Michelle. This brand is all about genuine passion for sports and fitness, high quality brands, a comprehensive product selection and expert advice.

Talbot Doors

Since opening their own doors in 1985, Talbot Doors have gradually built Australia’s trust as the go-to guys for automatic gates and doors. Their expertise, specialty products and genuine customer service are what sets them apart from the others. 

Tokyo Sushi Kitchen

With a range of delectable dishes to satisfy the Asian in anyone, Tokyo Sushi Kitchen is committed to filling its customers stomach with only the freshest and healthiest ingredients – without breaking the bank!

Health Freak Cafe

Health Freak Café is a clean and healthy eating café. The menu is diverse catering for all your fitness, health and special dietary requirement needs and is both 100% gluten and refined sugar free. The cafes create an atmosphere that encourages people of all ages to live a healthier life, from the younger generation of “Little Freaks” right through to the elder generation of clientele. The cafés promote health, balance and holistic wellness through our menu, helping people to live happy, healthy, active and well balanced lives, whilst reinforcing positive eating habits for future generations.

Coco Cubano

Inspired by two water-loving, cocktail-sipping cultures, Coco Cubano offers sunshine inspired Cuban flavours and a vibrant atmosphere perfect for any fiesta; be it a morning coffee, a special date night, a meal with the family or a big group celebration!  At Coco Cubano, we can provide a platform to help more individuals realise their dreams of becoming business owners. We are encouraging passionate and like-minded people to join the team as franchisees.

Peak Physique Hot Yoga

Peak Physique Hot Yoga teaches many styles of Hot Yoga, including Hot Blend, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Physique, Hot Power and Warm Variation, catering for kids and families, and for people seeking to meditate or simply chill out. Peak Physique’s holistic approach to teaching and practice is designed to assist students to achieve mindfulness on their life journey. Students are guided by qualified, friendly trainers who seek to improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of every participant.