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‘Drone warriors’ still need to follow regulations

Operating a hobby drone still needs to comply with rules & regulations

The ‘Game of Drones’ is becoming a huge recreational activity on weekends, an increasingly common sight in parks and on properties.

Owning a hobby drone is becoming more achievable for many as prices go down and technology advances, but drone users need to realise that they are not just a high-tech toy that you can use willy-nilly.

Former Senior Manager of CASA, Jim Coyne, says there are some important regulations that all drone users need to be aware of, no matter the size of the drone.

“The general rule of operating drones for fun is to not fly in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property, but there are some specific rules that must be followed, otherwise you risk a fine,” Mr Coyne said.

Many farmers have already purchased a drone to use on their own property.

“With drone technology advancing so rapidly, it can be really confusing trying to work out the do’s and don’ts of drone use, and how it may affect you or your business.

“It is important to know that flying commercially or for economic gain is illegal unless you have your remote pilot licence or are flying the sub-2kg category, however, if you are flying over your own property, you may not need to be licenced and certified because the rules are based on how much your drone weighs.

“An app can be downloaded from which can help you navigate safe drone use in your area.”

Jim Coyne will be the MC and keynote speaker at the upcoming Dalby Drone Industry Forum on Monday 24 September.

Other presenters include Luke Gumley, CASA’s Branch Manager of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

The forum will cover many aspects of drone technology and use including the latest rules and regulations, and will provide useful information for drone hobby enthusiasts, commercial operators, those working in agriculture, local government, mining and other industries.

For more information and to register for the forum, visit or phone 1300 COUNCIL.

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