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Don’t let a water leak ruin your week!

22 November 2016

We all love surprises, but not when it comes to our water bill. You could be losing precious water and money down the drain from undetected leaking taps, cracked pipes, running toilets and even your trusty evaporative air conditioner, so with the holiday season approaching now’s a timely reminder to regularly check in and around your home for pesky drips.

  • If not identified and repaired, leakages from evaporative air conditioners, taps, pipes and toilet cisterns can contribute to higher water usage and a sudden increase in the cost of your water bill;
  • A dripping tap can waste up to 530 litres of water per week, that’s upwards of 20,000 litres per year if not fixed;
  • Even though Council regularly check for leaks on the street side of your water meter, it’s your responsibility to make sure everything is in working order on your property including: in your garden, backyard, under and in your home;
  • So, don’t let a leak ruin your week! Leaks on your property might not be obvious: that’s why it’s important that you regularly check for leaks, monitor your water meter and consumption.

Western Downs Regional Council Spokesperson for Utilities Councillor Peter Saxelby said many common causes of unexpected increases in your water bill can be easily fixed without putting a dent in your hip pocket.

“Many of us have that one annoying dripping tap around the house that we never seem to get around to fixing, but that one dripping tap is wasted water that you have to pay for,” he said.

“Changing the washers on your taps is an inexpensive solution that usually fixes the problem and installing aerating taps will not only reduce your water flow by 50 percent but save you money on both your water and electricity bills.

“With our days getting hotter, it’s also important that you check your evaporative air conditioners for any leaks, if undetected a leaky air conditioner can be costly! To make sure this doesn’t happen to you we encourage you to get your air conditioners serviced by a licensed technician annually.

“Regularly checking for hidden leaks is as easy as monitoring your water meter. One night before going to bed make a note of the reading on your water meter, and before using any water in the morning note the water meter reading again.

“If the readings aren’t the same you most likely have a leak, if this is the case and you can’t find the source of the leak make sure you call in a licensed plumber to inspect your taps, pipes and toilets.

“Also, don’t forget about those mysterious green patches in your yard and around your meter! It’s easy to dismiss those weird green patches as a fluke of nature, but chances are you could have a cracked or leaky pipe.”

For more information on checking for leaks, how to read your water meter and tips on saving water visit Council’s Water Wise webpages.

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Media Contact:
Cr Peter Saxelby | Spokesperson for Utilities | 0475 007 554