Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning considers the long-term vision for the Western Downs. The Western Downs Planning Scheme 2017 is our key strategic document which outlines how land will be used in the region, now and into the future. This document promotes prosperity, liveability and economic development and is regulated by the Planning Act 2016.

If you submit an application to Council for a Development Permit, the Planning Scheme is the primary source our Town Planners use to assess your application. Find out more about Development Assessment or see the options below for all things related to Strategic Planning.

Western Downs Planning Scheme 2017

Western Downs Planning Scheme 2017 – Amendment 1

Council has prepared the below Consultation Summary Report which details how Council has dealt with all properly made submissions.  The amended Planning Scheme, incorporating the changes detailed in the report, has been submitted for the Minister’s approval.

Western Downs Consultation Report

Notice is given under section 18(6) of the Planning Act 2016 that on 21 August 2019, Western Downs Regional Council adopted Amendment 1 to the Western Downs Planning Scheme. 

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Industrial Land Use Strategy

Rural Land Use Study


Fact Sheets

Name Size
Fact Sheet – Development Codes 415.57 KB
Fact Sheet – Overlay Mapping 337.11 KB
Fact Sheet – Tables of Assessment 509.35 KB

Zone Cards

Name Size
Zone Cards – Community Facilities 180.86 KB
Zone Cards – District Centre 186.81 KB
Zone Cards – Local Centre 179.52 KB
Zone Cards – Low Density Residential 205.33 KB
Zone Cards – Low Impact Industry 189.87 KB
Zone Cards – Major Centre 203.72 KB
Zone Cards – Medium Density Residential 173.36 KB
Zone Cards – Medium Impact Industry 180.61 KB
Zone Cards – Residential Open Space 201.82 KB
Zone Cards – Rural 160.42 KB
Zone Cards – Rural Residential 204.82 KB
Zone Cards – Township 181.43 KB

Strategic Studies and Extrinsic Materials

Our strategic studies and extrinsic materials comprise the background research underpinning the Western Downs Planning Scheme 2017 and Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

Strategic Studies

Industrial Land Use Study

Rural Land Use Study

Extrinsic Materials

Name Size
Appointed Reviewer Statement 1.78 MB
LGIP Background – Drainage 320.66 KB
LGIP Background – Parks 756.64 KB
LGIP Background – Planning Assumptions 170.43 KB
LGIP Background – Transport 382.94 KB
LGIP Background – Water and Sewerage Networks 157.91 KB
LGIP SOW Model 4.00 MB
LGIP16 – Checklist 434.93 KB


Name Size
Desktop Valuation APV 2.35 MB
WDRC Sport and Rec Plan 3.13 MB

Planning Assumptions

Name Size
20 May 2015 Council Meeting Minutes 8.17 MB
2014 WDRC Land Demand Analyses Update 3.29 MB
OESR Population 142.00 KB

Transport and Drainage

Name Size
Chinchilla Master Stormwater Plans 21.38 MB
Dalby Master Stormwater Plans 2.76 MB
IS Audit Committee Report 2014 52.73 MB
LGIP Miles Wandoan 217.14 KB
Wandoan SW Drainage Concept Master Plan 10.69 MB

Water and Sewerage

Name Size
2011 Chinchilla Planning Analysis Summary Report 5.59 MB
2011 Dalby Planning Analysis Summary Report 6.57 MB
2011 Miles Planning Analysis Summary Report 5.28 MB
2011 Wandoan Planning Analysis Summary Report 4.03 MB
Chinchilla PWTP Upgrades Options Study 24 January 2013 240.38 KB
Chinchilla Sewer Network Planning Report 2.63 MB
Chinchilla WWTP Planning Report 2 July 2014 1.10 MB
Tara Water Sewer Network Planning Report 1.32 MB
WDRC Sewerage Asset Management Plan Part F 1.25 MB
WDRC Water Asset Management Plan Part E 2.48 MB

Historic Planning Schemes

Superseded Planning Scheme

Historic Planning Schemes