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Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust

About the Trust

The main objective of the Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust (the Trust) is to maintain an environmentally sustainable and healthy creek and river network, while minimizing the effects of flood inundation from flows that should normally be contained within the banks of the above-mentioned network.

The Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust area currently covers all named creeks and rivers in part of the Western Downs Regional Council (the former Shire of Wambo).

The Trust is an autonomous body that operates independently of the State and local government within the Trust’s area. The Wambo Shire River Trust also works within the regulations set out in the “River Improvement Trust Act 1940 incl. amendments”.

Membership of a Trust should, as far as practicable, consist of people with adequate motivation, knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively contribute to managing the responsibilities and activities of the Trust. A Trust has social, technical, financial and statutory responsibilities.

​A Trust should have strong links (preferably through membership of the Trust which is documented in Part 3 Division 1 of the Act or through observer status) with the relevant local government(s), the Government and any industry/community group/s (for example Landcare, catchment management, industry and conservation groups) which has/have a significant interest in the role or activities of the Trust”.


History of the Trust

The Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust was first constituted in 1960. The Wambo Shire Council made an application for the issue of an Order in Council for the constitution of the Wambo Shire River Improvement Trust.

For the initial period of operation a staff member of the Department of Irrigation was appointed Chairman with the Wambo Shire Council representatives being Cr. M. Bassingthwaighte and Cr. W. Koehler.

The first meeting of the Trust took place on the 4th of April 1960 where it was resolved to proceed with the Jingi Jingi Creek and Jandowae Creek schemes.


Trust Documents

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Audited Financial Statements 2013/2014 535.22 KB
Audited Financial Statements 2014/2015 337.46 KB
Audited Financial Statements 2015/2016 1.92 MB
Member Wambo Shire RIT Position Description 104.38 KB
River Improvement Trust Act 1940 362.95 KB
WSRIT Annual Report 2013/2014 4.17 MB
WSRIT Annual Report 2014/2015 4.47 MB
WSRIT Annual Report 2015/2016 6.18 MB