Pest Management

Dingo / Wild Dog Baiting Programs

In recent years the Southern Queensland region has witnessed a great surge in the number of dingos/wild dogs prowling the area, resulting in large stock losses for the already drought stricken property owners of this area.

From time to time Western Downs Regional Council will have campaigns on such programs. Information will be advertised here.


Pest Management

The purpose of the Western Downs Regional Council Pest Management Plan is to set a strategy for the management of pest plant and animal species within the region so as to minimise the social and economical impact on the land and environment, created by such pests.

View the Western Downs Regional Council Biosecurity Plan


Mosquito Control

Some mosquitoes have the potential to transmit various diseases, the most notorious of which is the Ross River Virus. In the local area, the type of mosquito that transmits Ross River Virus will generally only breed in stagnant water but other nuisance mosquitoes can breed elsewhere.

To help prevent mosquito breeding and limit numbers of the pest, residents should inspect their property regularly and tip out all water sitting in containers such as pot plant saucers, drums and buckets. It is also important to ensure that all rainwater tanks are correctly fitted with an insect screen on the inlet and the overflow.

Consider installing insect screens on your house, avoid being outside during mosquitoes’ peak activity periods at dusk and dawn, use a quality insect repellent and wear long clothing where possible.

Read Council’s Fact Sheet on Mosquitoes



The magpie breeding season peaks from August to October, but nesting can take place anytime from July to December. Find out more about what you can do during magpie season…