The Western Downs is proudly trademarked the Energy Capital of Queensland, with coal, gas, solar and wind operations in region.

What’s fuelling the energy sector’s growth is the combination of the Western Downs’ geography and environmental conditions, along with existing transmission infrastructure. This has meant there are opportunities for energy providers to interstate connectors and transmission lines.

As a result, the region is a prime destination for renewable energy (specifically solar and wind farms), and has seen the development and construction of several solar farms. The expansion continues with the Coopers Gap Wind Farm in progress and the Dulacca Renewable Energy Project on the horizon.

Australia’s demand for energy is being met by the Western Downs’ supply and continued growth has prompted another wave of development and expansion of existing projects throughout the region.

To ensure a prosperous future in energy, Council has identified the following areas worthy of further investigation:

  • ARENA funding support for research and demonstration projects
  • Biogas and Biofuel projects, including the development of partnerships
  • Gas exploration and expansion
  • Battery storage
  • Further power generation
  • Renewable energy farms

Hear from some of our local businesses:

APA Darling Downs Solar Farm