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Register for Local Suppliers Database

As staff require goods and services (where these goods/services are not already under a Panel Arrangement), they will search our Local Supplier* Database to identify who can provide a quote for the goods/services required.

*In our Procurement Policy a LOCAL SUPPLIER is defined as a business that:

  • Is beneficially owned by persons who are residents or rate payers of the WDRC region; or
  • Has its principal place of business within the WDRC region; or
  • Otherwise has a place of business within the local government area of WDRC which solely or primarily employs persons who are residents or rate payers to service the needs of the region.

This form is for information purposes only and will be viewed as an expression of interest and provides no guarantee of work. This will enable Council to maintain a formal record of your interest.


Supplier Details

  • if applicable
  • Describe the nature of your business and the product/services that you are able to supply to Western Downs Regional Council