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Doing Business with Council

Procurement at Council

Council works collaboratively with the business community to deliver quality services to our residents. To understand more about how Council undertakes its procurement activities, please see the following link.


Register your Interest

Unless a Panel Arrangement exists for your business (see below), we encourage LOCAL* businesses interested in working with us to register their details by completing the online Registration for Local Supplier Database form.

*In our Procurement Policy a LOCAL SUPPLIER is defined as a business that:

  • Is beneficially owned by persons who are residents or rate payers of the WDRC region; or
  • Has its principal place of business within the WDRC region; or
  • Otherwise has a place of business within the local government area of WDRC which solely or primarily employs persons who are residents or rate payers to service the needs of the region.

Information provided through this free registration portal will be kept within our Local Supplier Database. The online form requests details about your business, capability and the categories of goods and services offered. This is a quick and easy form to complete. You can also download the form to print and submit.


Apply to be considered on the Panel Arrangement

Council has a significant interest in specific areas in which it trades in large volumes on a very frequent basis i.e. Plant Hire, Civil Construction, Trade or Professional services to the supply of goods from Fleet to Chemicals.

Panel Arrangements will streamline procurement which means that we will be able to engage with you more efficiently than we have done previously.

You can contact Council, now or into the future, to apply to be considered as part of the Panel Arrangements. For more information, download the Panel Arrangement Fact Sheet.


Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Western Downs Regional Council will issue a purchase order for either:

  • the facilitation of payment against an established contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract; or,
  • to form a contract that defines the terms and conditions of Council’s purchase orders and facilitates the payment process between a supplier and the Council.

Western Downs Regional Council Purchase Order Terms & Conditions


Purchase Order Payment Process

One of Council’s key procurement processes is the Purchase Order Payment Process. This ensures payments are only made to suppliers and contractors who have stated a valid official purchase order number on the supplied invoice (unless an exception applies).

 Download the Purchase Order Payment Process FAQ