2013 Flood Study Reports

Western Downs Regional Council Planning Scheme Review: Riverine and Stormwater Flooding

Please be aware that some of the following documents are very large and may take some time to download. The document sizes are noted next to the document.

Factsheet – Peer Review of the Draft 2013 Flood Study (133KB)

WDRC Hydrologic Hydraulic Modelling Peer Review (267KB)

Flood Study Glossary (139KB)


Flood Studies and Reports – Chinchilla, Tara, Miles, Wandoan, Jandowae

Volume I: Report – Chinchilla, Miles, Wandoan, Tara and Jandowae (31,202KB)

Volume II: Maps – Chinchilla and Miles (56,175KB)

Volume III: Maps – Wandoan, Tara and Jandowae (60,118KB)

Chinchilla 2013 Flood Study FAQs (405KB)


Flood Study and Report – Dalby

Volume IV: Report and Maps – Dalby (33,381KB)

Dalby 2013 Flood Study FAQs (185KB)

Dalby Flood Modelling FAQs (69KB)

Dalby Mitigation FAQs (196KB)

Dalby Sensitivity Analysis (12,633KB)


Flood Review Management Study

The Flood Review and Management Study was funded (90%) under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, a joint initiative of the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.

The scope of the Flood Review and Management Study has been to:

  1. Review the flood events of December 2010 /January 2011 across the whole region in regard to community impacts and emergency response/capability; and
  2. Develop a regional flood management plan for the entire Western Downs region that identifies strategies for future mitigation, disaster management preparedness, and response.

This study has been completed by consultants British Maritime Technologies - Winders, Barlow, Morrison (BMT WBM). Due to the multidiscipline nature of the project and to ensure that it supports other current and future Council projects, the Flood Review and Management Study Project Reference Group was established and consulted regularly during the life of the project.
The study recommends a range of broad mitigation strategies from improved community preparedness to significant infrastructure.

The study's recommendation of a number of flood levy bank options in Dalby and Chinchilla resulted in Council successfully applying for funding under the Queensland Government's 2013-14 Disaster Mitigation and Resilience Initiative. This funding is enabling Council to undertake feasibility studies into the construction of flood levies in Dalby and Chinchilla. This body of work is due for completion by June 2014.

Funding toward significant flood mitigation infrastructure will be sought under the next round of Royalties for Regions.



Flood Review Management Study Documents

Please be aware that some of the following documents are very large and may take some time to download. The document sizes are noted next to the document.

Western Downs Regional Council Flood Review Stage 1 Report February 2013 (8,277KB)

Summary Report - Western Downs Floodplain Risk Management Study July 2013 (4,337KB)
Front Cover (546KB)
Overview (1,007KB)
Data and Methodology (489KB)
LGA Wide Assessments (2,704KB)
Overview Community Assessments (342KB)
Community Specific Reports Cover (138KB)
Community Specific Report - Dalby (3,109KB)
Community Specific Report - Chinchilla (3,135KB)
Community Specific Report - Jandowae (5,849KB)
Community Specific Report - Miles (2,763KB)
Community Specific Report - Tara (6,271KB)
Community Specific Report - Wandoan (5,584KB)
Community Specific Report - Meandarra (4,802KB)
Community Specific Report - Warra (4,805KB)
Community Specific Report - Condamine (5,866KB)
Regional Recommendations (12KB)
Community Specific Recommendations (69KB)