Town Planning

Town planning (or land use planning) is one of the most important mechanisms available to local government in achieving important social, cultural and environment management goals. It is about making living and working environments safe, healthy, efficient and aesthetically pleasing through the arrangement of land uses. Town planning also provides certainty for people by outlining to them what can be expected to occur in their local communities.

Pre-lodgement Meetings

Considering developing in the Western Downs? Pre-lodgement Meetings are an important forum to proactively help improve development outcomes. They can be used to communicate Council’s requirements and expectations, and often improve the quality and completeness of applications.

Pre-lodgement Meetings however, only provide general and indicative advice, and not an outcome. By their very nature, a pre-lodgement meeting cannot neccessarily reveal all issues – that is the purpose of the complete development assessment process.

To allow for proper preperation and to streamline discussions, Council’s preference is for information to  be provided to Council prior to the Pre-lodgement, particularly regarding the development proposal and the location details.

Contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL or to request a pre-lodgement meeting.

Western Downs Planning Scheme

The Western Downs Planning Scheme has been prepared in accordance with the Planning Act 2016. It sets out Council’s intention for the future development in the planning scheme area over the next 15 years.

View the Western Downs Planning Scheme…


Superseded Planning Scheme

The Western Downs Planning Scheme, 20 March 2017 is the Superseded Planning Scheme for the region.

Access Council’s superseded planning scheme…


External Links

Electronic Application Lodgement Service

The smart eDA online application preparation, lodgement and assessment service is an option for making development applications with Western Downs Regional Council. Council also accepts hard copy applications.