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Dalby flood mitigation planning continues with floor level surveys

17 February 2015

Western Downs Regional Council is undertaking surveys to measure the heights of floors in the Dalby urban area to help inform investigations into flood levee options for the town of Dalby.

Mayor Ray Brown said the floor heights are being surveyed so as to better understand the potential impacts of above floor flooding on properties and help assess the cost effectiveness of different design options.

“The aim of Council’s flood mitigation planning is to reduce the risk of above floor flooding to as many properties as possible. So that we can better understand the number of residences and businesses that could be directly affected by flooding, we need to collect accurate data about the existing heights of floors in at-risk areas,” he said.

“This data will help inform the investigations into the impacts of flood mitigation options, along with informing the ongoing development of emergency response plans as we’ll have a better understanding of which properties are likely to experience above floor flooding during a flood event.”

The Mayor said residents and businesses may notice Council representatives near their properties with survey equipment at a number of locations across Dalby over the next few weeks.

“The Council team have reached the flood surveying stage after conducting a range of engineering and geotechnical studies so as to develop options for possible levee alignments,” he said.

“We’ve invested in best practice flood modelling so that we have the most sophisticated science available which allows us to confidently test different mitigation options in the computer flood model to predict how a levee could benefit properties in the area.”

The Mayor said the levee investigation process was about responding to and actioning community feedback.

“There was a clear message from the community calling for Council to investigate a levee for Dalby. While we still have work to do, we are keen to be in a position to move forward should we have the community’s support, and should funding support become available,” he said.

“Once we have a viable detailed design for the levee, we will be seeking community feedback through a series of information sessions and briefings, which will be publicised at the appropriate time.”

For more information about the flood mitigation planning, please visit Council’s Flood Mitigation webpage.

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