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Council’s 2013/14 Annual Report wins Bronze at Australasian Reporting Awards

23 June 2015

Last Thursday, Western Downs Regional Council’s 2013/14 Annual Report received a Bronze Award at the 2015 Australasian Report Awards in Melbourne, for excellence in reporting to stakeholders.

Mayor Ray Brown said the Award was significant in recognising the standard Council has achieved in using best practice reporting to keep our communities informed of its performance.

“The Australasian Reporting Awards are an opportunity to benchmark an annual report against those produced by organisations across the Australasian region. The Awards encourage transparency of reporting and promote continuous improvement,” he said.

“Achieving a Bronze Award in our second year is a fantastic achievement in its own right, but even more notable because we have been benchmarked against annual reports produced by multinational companies as well as government.

“Council is committed to openly and honestly reporting on its performance to our communities. So we undertook an improvement process to not only re-restructure the Annual Report to align with Council’s 2013¬-17 Corporate Plan, but to do so in accordance with best practice reporting standards.

“The improvement process started with Council submitting the 2012/13 Annual Report to last year’s Australasian Reporting Awards and receiving invaluable feedback from the panel of international experts. The resulting updated look, feel and structure of the Annual Report makes it easier to read and navigate.

“The fact that in just one year the significant raising in the standard of the Annual Report has been recognised with a Bronze Award is an outstanding result.

“The Annual Report is the report card of Council’s overall performance, our achievements, our challenges and our future goals. It’s a ‘bottom-up’ document that requires input from every department, so thanks must go to all levels of Council as you have all contributed to this success.”

Aside from restructuring the 2013/14 Annual Report to align with Council’s new theme-based 2013-17 Corporate Plan, other new and significant features include: improved community financial report; highlighting major achievements through case studies; recognising volunteers; grouping legislative and statutory-required information in one section; and indexing.

You can view the award winning 2013/14 Annual Report, and compare it with the 2012/13 Annual Report on Council’s website at

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