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Children reminded to avoid swooping magpies

21 August 2018

OLSCC students Gemma Sullivan, Gemma Coman, Eric Van Zelst and Jack Twidale on the lookout for magpies.

Schools are reminding children about the dangers of approaching a known magpie nest, as swooping season approaches.

Magpie swooping usually occurs between late August and early to mid-October.

Business Manager from Our Lady of the Southern Cross College Dalby, Elizabeth Kuruilaca said that their College sends reminders to children and families at this time of year.

“As well as putting some advice for parents in our College notices, our teachers are reminding children about staying away from a known magpie swooping area,” Ms Kuruilaca said.

“If children have to walk to school, we remind them to always wear a hat and keep their head down if they spot a magpie.

“We ask them to walk through the area a quickly as possible, only if they can’t take another route.

“The temporary Council signs are also a great visual reminder for children to avoid the area if they can.”

Spokesperson for Planning and Environment Councillor Andrew Smith said that the best action people can take is to simply stay clear of areas where magpies are known to be swooping.

“Once an area has been identified, we can place signage in these areas to warn pedestrians, so they can choose to take another route.

“The ultimate advice I can give is to just be patient, magpies are only trying to be good parents.”

Tips for magpie safety
— Stay well clear of trees where magpie nests are known to be located.
— If you have to travel across the area, move through as quickly as possible.
— Wear a hat and sunglasses or carry an umbrella.
— Cyclists should dismount and walk through the area. Two cable ties can be attached to helmets, sticking up like antennae.

A fact sheet about magpies is available via our website at

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