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Changes to Penalty Infringement Notices

27 April 2015

Tougher penalties are now in place to deter individuals, organisations and businesses from noncompliance under the Sustainable Planning Act (2009) after the Queensland Government implemented increases to the penalty units for a number of development offences in January this year.

Western Downs Regional Council Spokesperson for Planning Councillor Ray Jamieson said that under State legislation individuals, property owners and developers in the Western Downs may face higher penalty infringements if they are found to be in breach of planning regulations.

“Recently, the Queensland Government increased the number of penalty units for a variety of offences under the Sustainable Planning Act (2009), meaning that individuals or organisations found in breach of the Act will now face infringement notices with higher penalty unit values,” he said.

“For example, an individual found in breach of their development approval can now be fined 20 penalty units which is the equivalent of $2,277 – an increase of 10 penalty units. And a corporation found in breach of their development approval can now be fined 100 penalty units which equates to $11,385 – an increase of 50 penalty units.

“Individuals and corporations that carry out development without a development permit can now be fined the same number of penalty units as those that have not complied with the conditions of their development approval.”

Cr Jamieson said that Council is focused on ensuring that these individuals and organisations are held accountable.

“As the Local Government authority for the Western Downs, Council has an obligation to ensure that our region and communities are safe, healthy and treated in an equitable manner,” he said.

“One of the ways Council meets this obligation is through the relevant provisions of the six Planning Schemes currently in force throughout the region. These Planning Schemes are designed to provide our communities with a better managed, safer and pleasant environment.

“Therefore, Council is diligent in ensuring that from the first stage of application to completion, and beyond, individuals and organisations are held accountable by ensuring compliant, safe, healthy, efficient and aesthetically pleasing developments within our region.

“The majority of our residents and businesses do the right thing, however anyone found not complying with planning regulations will be exposed to tougher penalties in accordance with the recent increases.”

For more information on Council’s Planning Schemes visit Council’s Planning section.

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