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Chainsaw sculpting taps into creative side

Chainsaw sculptor Matty G. will be creating a masterpiece live at the Back to the Bush Festival this Saturday

Legendary chainsaw sculptor Matty G. will be creating a unique piece of art over four hours at the upcoming Back to the Bush Festival in Miles this weekend.

Matty G.’s special talent is using a chainsaw to sculpt beautiful timber works, having perfected his art over the past decade.

“My background is an arborist, so I have been using chainsaws for almost 26 years,” Matty said.

“I came to a point with my work where I started thinking there must be more to life than just being an arborist, so I started carving animals from recycled timber and it brought me great joy and an outlet for my creativity.

“I feel a very strong connection with nature, it’s where I feel happiest, so I wanted to create pieces of art that reflect this.”

It wasn’t long before Matty had a flourishing career in carving, which received huge support from the community in his hometown of Maleny.

“Businesses in town really got behind my ideas, I think there are close to fifty of my sculptures around Maleny, from life-sized possums, platypus, owls, roosters to a three-metre long water dragon.”

Matty says that he uses three chainsaws for his sculpture – an electric Stihl for more intricate carving, a heavy-duty one for larger cuts of wood with super-sharp cutters and long bar to make the work smooth.

All of Matty’s carvings come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

For the Back to the Bush Festival’s Main Event in Miles this Saturday, Matty will be working on a 1.5-metre-long piece of silky oak and the subject is still a mystery.

“I have four hours to create the piece in front of an audience, then I may take it home for the finishing touches.”

Once finished, the sculpture will come back out to Miles, where Matty believes it will become an attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Saturday’s festival program is the biggest seen in Miles, with country music favourites Mick Lindsay and Caitlyn Shadbolt headline on main stage Saturday night after a full afternoon of entertainment.

Festival-goers will see a host of completely new elements brought to the 2018 festival on Saturday afternoon, including the Exhibition Tractor Pull, Vintage Aircraft Airshow, a Beard Appreciation Event with Craft Beer Tastings, Tough Bugger Competition, Dog High Jumping and new Antique Collectors Sessions.

Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Paul McVeigh said that one of the best ways to support a small community that is dealing with drought conditions is to attend events such as this.

“I invite you to come out to Miles, enjoy the events and spend a little money here, it is a fun way to give some support directly to the smaller communities,” Mayor McVeigh said.

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