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Are your gas and water meters easily accessible?

16 May 2016

WDRC Image Library. Dalby District Utilities Services Team ÐService Council Services, Staff in Action

With gas meters read quarterly and water meters read twice a year, Western Downs Regional Council is calling on all householders to assist us with your meter reading by making sure your meters are easily and safely accessible.

It only takes Council staff a few minutes to read your meter, and you can take the following simple steps to assist Council Officers locate and access your meters for accurate and timely readings:

  • Clear dirt, weeds and insects from your meters;
  • Trim overgrown plants and shrubs; and
  • If possible, keep pets away from the meter area during reading periods.

Ensuring the area in and around your meter is clear and safe reduces the likelihood of damage or disruption to your supply, better ensures accurate readings, and means that Council Officers will spend less time on your property.

Council Spokesperson for Finance and Corporate Support Councillor Ian Rasmussen said that by ensuring your meter can be read accurately means you will be charged correctly for your usage.

“While it only takes a few minutes to read your water or gas meter, Council asks that you also spare a thought for the Meter Reader as this simple job can sometimes be made difficult when staff can’t readily access your meter,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s as easy as making sure your pets are secure, unlocking your gates or pruning your shrubs during meter reading cycles, which occur every three months for gas and during May and November for water.

“If Council Officers are unable to read your meters due to either not being able to enter your property or something blocking access, then we are forced to make an estimate of your water or gas use based on past readings. This may result in you getting a bill that does not reflect your current usage.

“So, to save time and make meter reading hassle-free for all concerned, please assist our staff find and read your meter accurately the first time, every time, by keeping the meter areas clear and easily accessible.”

For more information on your water meter, reading your meter and checking for damage and leaks visit Council’s Utility Services web page.

The Standard Gas Sale Contract and the Natural Gas Customer Charter outline what you can expect from Council as your distributor as well as customer obligations, can also be viewed at Council’s Utility Services web page.

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