Disclosure Log

Council’s disclosure log shows information released under the Right To Information Act.

Under the Act, information that is of a sensitive nature, for example personal information, or information that is commercial in confidence will not be included in the disclosure log.

Council will progressively publish documents released to applicants under the Act on the disclosure log. The disclosure log contains a brief description of the released information.

Please contact Council to obtain copies of documents below.


Disclosure Log – Right to Information Applications

Application Number Date of Decision Number of Pages Released Topic/Information Requested
RTI 11/12-002 02/12/2011 13 pages – full release Property drainage information
RTI 12/13-001 29/10/2012 31 pages – full release Plan proposed stormwater drainage Chinchilla
RTI 12/13-005 08/04/2013 128 pages full release Budget differential rating documents
RTI 12/13-007 22/05/2013 47 pages full release Road maintenance documentation/costings Golden Downs Estate (July 2004 to December 2012)
RTI 12/13-008 25/06/2013 49 pages considered – 27 pages released in full; 11 pages released in full (out of scope information removed); 1 page partial release and 10 pages refused in full (public interest) Inwards and outwards correspondence from any Queensland Government department, LGAQ, Queensland Water Directorate, Dental Associations, Medical Associations and Public Health Association about fluoridation (29 November 2012 to 23 April 2013)
RTI 13/14-003 19/03/2014 288 pages full release Rating and budget documents
RTI 13/14-004 04/04/2014 7 pages full release Audit information
RTI 14/15-003 20/10/2014 440 pages full release Road Use and Management information QCLNG
RTI 14/15-004 02/12/2014 1 page full release Invoice Internal Audit Review
RTI 14/15-005 02/03/2015 – 02/07/2015 18 pages full release (out of scope information removed) Procurement presentation
RTI 15/16-007 29/04/2016 70 pages full release Property information – Lot 20 on CP24316 Chinchilla
RTI 16/17-002 19/12/2016 130 pages considered – 120 pages released in full; 10 pages partial release Maintenance documentation Dalby Showgrounds Dalby (June 2013 to December 2014)
RTI 17/18-001 04/09/2017 27 pages considered – 16 pages released in full; 11 pages partial release Construction and maintenance documentation Middle Street Chinchilla (July 2013 to July 2017)
RTI 18/19-001 16/10/2018 8 pages considered; 7 pages released in full; 1 pages partial release; 0 pages refused in full Confidential Council report on request to have Andrews Road renamed to Hatton Road
RTI 18/19-003 1/03/2019 110 pages considered; 110 pages full release Documents potential coal seam gas water to Braemar special industry area
RTI 20/21-001 27/08/2020 14 pages considered; 14 pages released in full Plans, drawings, reports, development applications, approvals, correspondence and file notes re: building and/ior renovation work Myall Street Dalby between 1950 to 1970