If you’re thinking of becoming a technical professional like an engineer, a cadetship is a terrific way to gain work experience while you train, with the extra bonus of having a guaranteed job when you finish.

Who can apply?

If you’ve recently completed Year 12 or the first year of university you can apply and gain work experience whilst studying part-time for an appropriate tertiary qualification in the relevant field.

How long is a cadetship?

Depending on which course you do, they usually last three to four years.

What qualification do I finish with?

A cadetship suits those planning on undertaking an Associate Degree level.

Do I have to pay for my course fees?

By being a cadet, your course fees are completely covered by Council.

Will I be employed permanently at Council when I finish?


What’s the benefit of doing a cadetship rather than full-time study at university?

You gain on-the-job experience through full-time work while you complete part-time study, culminating in a guaranteed job at Council when you finish your cadetship.


The cadetship program is run once per year. When available, these opportunities will be advertised on the Current Vacancies page.

For further information contact the Learning and Development team at Council.