How to Apply

Council is an equal opportunity employer and applies merit-based selection techniques. The following information will help you to understand our selection process and how to prepare and submit your online application.

Selection Process

In order to be considered eligible for an interview for a vacant position, you should meet all of the essential selection criteria for the position. These are outlined in the online position description.

Some, but not all of the essential criteria, may be covered by specific questions within the online application. Your answers to these questions should explain how your knowledge, skills and abilities relate to the particular criteria. Where an essential criteria is not covered by a specific question in the online application, you should ensure that you address this criterion in your resume.

The online application via SEEK will also require the names and phone contacts of two referees. Your referees should be people who can provide information about how you meet the selection criteria. It is a good idea to obtain permission from your referees before you nominate them.

Your covering letter, resume and information relating to how you meet the selection criteria should be attached to your online application. Combine your resume and selection criteria information together and submit as a Microsoft Word or PDF document.

Your resume should include a concise account of your work experience and should provide information on:

  • where you have worked
  • the position/s held
  • the period of employment
  • a brief summary of duties involved

Acknowledgment of applications

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by email to your nominated email address from SEEK.


If you are successful in gaining an interview, you will be informed by email and confirmed by telephone. Please inform the person arranging the interview if you have any special requirements e.g. wheelchair accessibility etc.

If you are selected, you will be interviewed by a selection panel, usually comprising of two people. The selection panel follows a structured process and will ask all applicants the same standard questions.

Referee checks

Referees of the highest rating candidates may be contacted to verify the information gathered about the candidates.

Pre-employment medical assessments

For relevant roles and in the interest of providing a safe and healthy workplace, our recruitment and selection process may include a pre-employment medical examination. The medical will take place at one of Council’s chosen providers and will be conducted at Council’s expense. Council will advise on the date, location and time of medical.

Notification of appointment

If you are the successful applicant for the position, you will be notified by phone as soon as possible after the decision is made. The verbal offer, detailing the terms and conditions of employment, will be confirmed in writing by a letter.

Unsuccessful applications

If your application is unsuccessful, you will notified by email to your nominated email address.

Closing date

The closing date for the position will be detailed in the advertisement. Late applications will only be accepted and considered if prior arrangements have been made with Human Resources.

Needing help with your application

There are a number of places you can go to for assistance with your job application:

  • Contact Council’s Human Resources department on 1300 268 624
  • Visit your local Libraries or Cultural Centres to utilise Computer & Internet facilities
  • Visit an employment agency

Tips for completing your application

  • Give complete and relevant information
  • Be concise, accurate and ensure you have spell-checked your application
  • Use positive and active language (e.g. ‘I implemented’ rather than passive language (e.g. ‘A system was implemented by’) clearly identifying what your involvement was in the particular process
  • Include examples of your achievements and level of responsibility (e.g. number of staff supervised, examples of suggestions which have been implemented, etc.)
  • Avoid being long-winded or ‘padding’ the application with irrelevant information
  • Don’t overstate your case or exaggerate your abilities. The accuracy of the information you provide will be verified throughout the selection process