Budget 2021/2022

Rates Summary

Western Downs Regional Council is recognised as a financially intelligent and responsible Council, which is delivering real outcomes for the community. Our agile business model and proactive, sustainable planning for the future enabled Council to deliver a huge investment in recovery and economic stimulus for the region which supported the region through the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of our strategy to grow our region and plan for the future, Council has conducted a region-wide rates review to ensure our rating system is fair to all ratepayers and adequately reflects the cost of delivering services.  This means your next rates notice might look a little different.

Council collects rates to provide services to the community such as water, waste collection, road maintenance, parks and community facilities. To find out what your rates pay for, click here

Your total rates amount is made up of charges for water, sewerage, waste and a State Government Emergency Management Levy. It also includes a general rates amount. This year, Western Downs general rates have increased by 4.5% in 2021/22, but the charge for some properties may be higher or even lower. This is because the minimum rate level in some categories has changed following Council's review to ensure a system that is as fair as possible for all ratepayers, and more adequately reflect the cost of delivering services.

You can read more about Council's plan for the year ahead below. If you have any specific questions, contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL (268 624).



This year will see a range of exciting projects come to fruition, which will advance the Western Downs as a prime place to live, work and visit.

Works will progress on major projects such as the revitalisation of MyALL 107, new public space at 120 Cunningham Street in Dalby, the revitalisation of the Miles CBD Streetscape, and brand new mountain bike trails at the Bunya Mountains. We’ve completed revitalisations of prominent camping and outdoor spots including Caliguel Lagoon at Condamine, Chinchilla Weir, and Lake Broadwater, and this year we will finish similar projects at Tara Lagoon Parklands and Waterloo Plain Environmental Park at Wandoan.

Many of our regional parks, community halls, showgrounds and cemeteries will also be improved to enhance the liveability of the region and promote a sustainable future for the Western Downs.

Western Downs Regional Council is driving long-term growth and sustainability, with this year’s budget focused on building a stronger future for the region through investment in quality infrastructure and enhanced liveability.

Discover more about the 2021/22 Budget, including project updates and a rates review summary:

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