Council has a number of forms that can be accessed in this section for your convenience. These include building, planning, complaints, grants, funding, rates and property.

Please read the instructions on forms carefully as some still need to be returned to a Customer Service Centre in person.



Name Size
Application for Credit at Jimbour Quarry 242.42 KB
Request for Payment 227.42 KB


Animal Management

Wanting to register your new dog?
For new animal registrations, please visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

Name Size
Application Dog Registration 258.35 KB
Nuisance Barking Dog Diary 229.27 KB
Permit Keep Additional Animals Application 168.40 KB


Booking Facilities

Name Size
Venue Hire Application Chinchilla Miles Tara Wandoan 301.46 KB
Venue Hire Application Dalby Tara Wandoan Showgrounds 400.82 KB
Venue Hire Application Moonie Rural Transaction Centre 356.13 KB
Venue Hire Jandowae Community Cultural Centre 224.76 KB


Building and Plumbing

Name Size
Application Boundary Setback Relaxation 139.54 KB
Application for Bond Assessment Relocation Resite 134.62 KB
Application for Inspection of a Building 195.32 KB
Application Issue Pool Safety Certificate 137.16 KB



Name Size
Application For Grave or Niche Reserve 212.79 KB
Application for Installation of a Memorial Plaque 2.04 MB
Application for Interment – Ashes 216.92 KB
Application for Interment – Grave 218.53 KB
Application for Myall Remembrance Park Services Memorial Wall Plaque 518.60 KB
Application to Erect Monument 225.69 KB
Application to Refurbish Monument 226.15 KB
Application to Transfer Right of Burial 215.72 KB
Fact Sheet – Plaque Information Sizes Chinchilla and District Cemeteries 66.40 KB
Fact Sheet – Plaque Information Sizes Dalby and District Cemeteries 74.21 KB
Fact Sheet – Plaque Information Sizes Miles and District Cemeteries 91.17 KB
Fact Sheet – Plaque Information Sizes Tara and District Cemeteries 72.59 KB
Plaque Grave Examples 125.70 KB
Plaque Niche Examples 111.43 KB
Standard Drawing Chinchilla Plinth 36.21 KB
Standard Drawing Dalby Plinth 51.37 KB
Standard Drawing Miles Plinth 43.57 KB
Standard Drawing Tara Plinth 39.77 KB



Name Size
Complaint Form 198.91 KB
Complaints Management Policy 296.64 KB
Fact Sheet Complaints 164.53 KB
Nuisance Request Diary for Residents 150.94 KB


Councillors Connect

Name Size
Request for Public to Address Council 204.68 KB
Request Meeting with Mayor Councillor 130.25 KB



Name Size
Rural Property Number Request Form 210.87 KB


Food Hygiene

Name Size
Application Food Business Licence 773.15 KB
Application for Amendment of Food Business Licence 152.33 KB
Application for Temporary Food Stall and Non-Profit Group Notification Form 751.30 KB



Name Size
Volunteer Application Western Downs Libraries 207.94 KB


Local Laws

Name Size
Advertising Device Application 200.89 KB
Application Accreditation Amendment Food Safety Program 173.13 KB
Application Approval of Parking Permit 63.27 KB
Application Approval Operate Camping Grounds 151.62 KB
Application Approval Operate Shared Facility 143.44 KB
Application Food Business Licence 773.15 KB
Application for Amendment of Food Business Licence 152.33 KB
Application for Approval Operate Caravan Park 276.71 KB
Application for Commercial Use of Roads 151.51 KB
Application for Environmentally Relevant Activity Registration Certificate 205.71 KB
Application for Skin Penetration Establishment 162.54 KB
Application Register Continuing Acvitity 148.62 KB
Application Review Local Law Decision 132.21 KB
Application Temporary Entertainment Event 81.37 KB
Application to Establish or Occupy Temporary Home 151.26 KB
Application Transfer Local Law Approval 65.95 KB
Application Undertake Regulated Activity Local Government Controlled Area or Road 154.86 KB
Permit Keep Additional Animals Application 219.59 KB


Pest Management

Name Size
Wild Dog Scalp form 149.77 KB


Rates and Property

Name Size
01. Change of Name 234.71 KB
02. Change of Postal Address 306.27 KB
03. Change of Company Postal Residential Address 278.89 KB
04. Request Amend Name on Gas Account 78.48 KB
05. Request Authorised Person Financial Information Postal Address 66.41 KB
06. Direct Debit Form 106.59 KB
07. Request Amend Direct Debit 120.65 KB
08. Application Payment Plan 217.03 KB
09. Centrelink Centrepay Form 127.98 KB
10. Application Rates Pension Remission 269.03 KB
11. Application for Partial Relief from the Payment of Water Consumption Charges 534.39 KB
12. Application Rates Utilities Charges Concession Community Organisations 587.23 KB
13. Application Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate 291.49 KB
14. Request Refund Credit 108.85 KB
15. Request Transfer Credit 69.97 KB
16. 2017-2018 Property Search Request 632.29 KB
17. Notice of Objection Against Categorisation 84.10 KB
Request Receive Rates Water Notices Electronically 698.48 KB



Name Size
Application Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate 296.21 KB
Water Meter Test Form 568.49 KB


Waste Management

Name Size
Application for Cancellation of Commercial Service 276.94 KB
Application for Cancellation of Domestic Service 238.05 KB
Application for New or Additional Service Garbage Recycling Collection 276.37 KB
Application for Wheel Out Wheel Back Service Garbage Recycling Collection 271.41 KB
Application to Opt In to Garbage and Recycling Service 208.63 KB