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Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Western Downs Regional Council Award Unit

Western Downs Regional Council is strongly committed to assisting students to achieve success and the development of youth confidence and resilience. As such, from January 2017, Council will commence operating as a Duke of Edinburgh International Award Unit.

This program will offer local youth the opportunity to participate in an internationally recognised development program that provides young people the opportunity to accept challenges and explore their interests in a program tailored to suit personal circumstances and choices.


What is Duke of Edinburgh International Award?

There are three levels of The Duke of Ed – Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve these awards, participants will complete an Adventurous Journey and regularly commit to three ongoing sections: learning a Skill, participating in a community Service and taking part in Physical Recreation.

In 2017, Western Downs Regional Council will be registering participants in the Bronze Award only.


Section What it’s about for participants
Service Connection with your community by giving service.

Any area of interest in the community, such as youth work, the environment or charity work.

Physical Recreation Improving your physical fitness and wellbeing.

This could be through a team sport, individual pursuit or simply getting out there and working up a sweat.

Skill Unleashing your talents and broadening your abilities.

Anything from refereeing, to DJing, to learning a musical instrument, to jewellery making. Do your thing!

Adventurous Journey This is the only section that requires the activity to be undertaken in a team.

Discovering your sense of adventure and bonding with your friends.


For more information on the Award visit the Duke of Edinburgh website or download the Participants Handbook.


Bronze Award

Time Requirements Bronze
Physical Recreation 3 months*
Service 3 months*
Plus for the Major Section All Participants must complete an additional 3 months in either Physical Recreation, Skill or Service
Adventurous Journey 2 days + 1 night**
Minimum Age to Start 14 years
Minimum Age to Finish (without exception) 14years 6 months
Maximum Age to Finish (without exception) Before 25th birthday

* These are minimum time requirements and are expressed in whole months, during which there should be regular commitment. Regular time commitment is based on at least one (1) hour per week, two (2) hours per two week period or four (4) hours per four week period.
** Satisfactory completion of the Adventurous Journey Section includes Preparation and Training appropriate for the journeys being undertaken and at least one practice journey of a similar nature and duration as the qualifying journey (at each Award Level).

Download the Guide for Bronze Award Participants for more information.


Benefits of completing the Award

Successful completion of The Duke of Ed during years 10 to 12 can contribute credit towards a student’s Queensland Certificate of Education (conditions apply) and is increasingly being recognised by potential employers.


Who can participate?

  • Western Downs Regional Council’s Award Unit will register and fund an intake of participants each calendar year through an Expression of Interest Process.
  • Participants must be a minimum of 14 years of age.
  • Participants of the Western Downs Regional Council Award Unit will have a key role in the planning and delivery of the Western Downs Youth Week Events and therefore will be expected to attend occasional weekend planning workshops with the whole of the Western Downs Award Unit and assist at the Youth Week Events.
  • In addition to the minimum time requirements prescribed for completion of each section of the Award, participants will be expected to meet regularly with an Award Unit Team Leader after school hours at their nearest Council Customer Service Centre to track their progress.


How can I get involved?

Expressions of interest for 2017 have now closed.

Council’s Community Development Team is available to answer any questions you may have about the program. Please contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL and ask for your local Community Development Officer to find out more.