Local Laws


Western Downs Regional Council has a regional suite of 7 local laws and 22 subordinate local laws that apply across the Western Downs local government area.

Western Downs Regional Council Local Laws Register

Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws

Council's suite of laws cover a wide range of administrative and regulatory roles and functions, including areas such as signage, food hygiene, footpath dining, building, parking, keeping pets, gates and grids, temporary entertainment events, and permits and licences.

Council has developed a set of helpful fact sheets to assist residents with identifying which laws may be relevant to them. The local laws and subordinate local laws can be accessed on the Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws webpage. Alternatively, copies can be requested from each of Council's Customer Service Centres or by emailing a request to info@wdrc.qld.gov.au.

You can also access the Local Laws database on the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.


Fact Sheets

Name Size
Camping Grounds Local Laws Fact Sheet 558.78 KB
Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas Facilities and Roads 103.00 KB
Community Safety Hazards Local Laws Fact Sheet 113.10 KB
Installation of Advertising Devices Local Laws Fact Sheet 94.98 KB
Local Government Controlled Areas Facilities and Roads 144.04 KB
Operation of Caravan Park Local Laws Fact Sheet 835.66 KB
Overgrown Allotments Local Laws Fact Sheet 138.12 KB
Regulated Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads 104.60 KB
Regulated Parking Local Laws Fact Sheet 100.35 KB
Regulation of Election signage Local Laws Fact Sheet 380.04 KB
Responsible Pet Ownership Local Laws Fact Sheet 85.10 KB
Shared Facility Accommodation Local Laws Fact Sheet 520.88 KB
Temporary Entertainment Events Local Laws Fact Sheet 112.62 KB
Temporary Homes Local Laws Fact Sheet 101.67 KB
Unsightly Allotments Local Laws Fact Sheet 145.83 KB
What Animals Am I Allowed to Keep Local Laws Fact Sheet 390.83 KB


Application Forms

Name Size
Accreditation of Food Safety Program 245.85 KB
Advertising Device Application 235.36 KB
Application Amendment Food Business Licence 255.17 KB
Application Approval of Parking Permit 63.27 KB
Application Commercial Use Roads 214.66 KB
Application Establish Occupy Temporary Home 236.21 KB
Application Food Business Licence 900.11 KB
Application for Appoval Caravan Park 259.67 KB
Application for Approval Operate Camping Ground 257.17 KB
Application for Approval Operate Shared Facility Accommodation 251.16 KB
Application for ERA Registration Certificate 305.13 KB
Application for Review of a Decision 129.15 KB
Application Registration Continuing Activity 239.55 KB
Application Skin Penetration Establishment 245.04 KB
Application Temporary Entertainment Event 81.37 KB
Application Transfer Local Law Approval 65.95 KB
Application Undertake Regulated Activity Local Government Controlled Area Road 214.98 KB
Permit Keep Additional Animals Application 219.59 KB