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History of Western Downs Cemeteries

Chinchilla District Cemeteries

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There are currently three cemeteries located within the Chinchilla District that are utilised, with all of them being located within the township of Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Pioneer Cemetery

The Pioneer Cemetery on the Warrego Highway opposite the Tourist Information Centre is recognised as the first cemetery for Chinchilla. When the first burials took place is not known, however as the railway line reached the town in 1878, it is reasonable to assume that many deceased were buried in the back half of the cemetery before records were kept. It was not until 1921 that the Council took over responsibility of the cemetery from the trustees.

Chinchilla Monumental Cemetery

In the years 1939/40, the Chinchilla Shire Council purchased a block of land two kilometres northeast of the town for a new cemetery and it was surveyed into blocks, segregating the different religions. Chinchilla Cemetery was officially opened in March 1941. At the entrance to the Catholic section of the Cemetery, green double steel gates were erected, in memory of Nurse Hannah Fitzgerald, the first burial in the Catholic Section. A plaque is attached to the gates framework stating “These gates erected in memory of Nurse Hannah Fitzgerald. 1861-1943”.

A columbarium wall was built on the right hand side of the main gates to this cemetery and provides niches for 80 containers of ashes. At a later date another wall was constructed on the opposite side of the gates.

Tanderra Lawn Cemetery

The Lions Club of Chinchilla adopted this massive project in June 1973 with the Chinchilla Shire Council supporting the club by purchasing the ground and providing water to the cemetery. On Saturday 28 June 1976, the Minister for Primary Industries and the Member for Condamine, Hon VB Sullivan MLA, performed the official opening of the Tanderra Lawn Cemetery, with the blessing of the cemetery being undertaken by Father K Costigan. The first burial in this cemetery was held on 23 January 1977. After burials commenced in the Tanderra Lawn Cemetery, burials continued in both the monumental and the lawn cemeteries, but with the majority of burials being in the lawn cemetery.

Dalby District Cemeteries

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Dalby Monumental Cemetery

Council continues to maintain the Cemetery which has been closed to new interments since 31 December 1980. Council’s resolution is to honour only grave sites that have been previously reserved. The need to close the Cemetery to new interments was hastened by rising maintenance costs, the difficulties experienced with the Cemetery layout and the lack of certainty of the location of unmarked graves.

The Cemetery was opened in 1871 and was under the control of a Board of Trustees until 1905 when, due to difficulties in finding citizens willing to be trustees, responsibility for the Cemetery was passed to Dalby Town Council.

Recently a survey was completed to mark locations of graves. Due to the portability of the grave markers however, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Dalby Lawn Cemetery – Myall Remembrance Park

The Myall Remembrance Park was initiated as a project by the Lions Club of Dalby. The Lawn Cemetery incorporates columbarium walls and a rose garden for cremated remains. The first interment in the Lawn Cemetery took place in 1967. The columbarium wall first received ashes in 1969 and the rose garden in 1978.

Jandowae Cemetery

The Jandowae cemetery is situated on the outskirts of Jandowae on the Old Rosevale Road. The earliest recorded burial was around 1900. The cemetery was under local trusteeship until 2009 when it was transferred to the Western Downs Regional Council for management.

The cemetery has a monumental and lawn section with a columbarium wall for cremated ashes.

Miles District Cemeteries

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Miles General Cemetery

The Miles General Cemetery is divided into four portions – Anglican, Catholic, Other Denominations and Lawn. Inscriptions dating from 1912 have been identified in the cemetery while one earlier headstone, dated 1899, was probably relocated here from the old cemetery. There are a significant number of unmarked graves at the site.

Miles Lawn Cemetery

The Miles Lawn Cemetery dates from the 1950s. It contains almost 400 sites with plenty of room for expansion. A columbarium displays plaques from the 1960s.

Condamine Cemetery

The Condamine Cemetery is not separated into sections. The oldest inscribed headstone is dated 1875, although a newspaper report states a burial in the ‘new’ cemetery on 25 May 1964. There are a significant number of unmarked graves at the site.

Condamine Pioneer Cemetery

It is unknown how many burials are in this cemetery and it is assumed the burials were mostly prior to 1964. There is a monument in the park naming some of those buried there. This cemetery is no longer open to new interments.

Wandoan Cemetery

Contact the Miles Customer Service Centre 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624). The Wandoan Cemetery has a Columbarium and Monumental Cemetery.

Tara District Cemeteries

Contact Tara Customer Service Centre 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624).

There are currently five cemeteries in the Tara Region. They are located in Tara, Meandarra, The Gums, Flinton and Moonie. The maintenance of all cemeteries is the responsibility of each of the individual town maintenance crews. The following facilities are available in accordance with the cemetery listing:

Tara Cemetery

Columbarium, Lawn Cemetery, Monumental (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist and Non-Denominational)

Meandarra Cemetery

Columbarium, Monumental (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist)

The Gums Cemetery

Not separated into sections.

Moonie Cemetery

Not separated into sections.

Flinton Cemetery

The cemetery is at the Catholic Church, however, any denomination is accepted.

Other Cemeteries

All other cemeteries are administered by Private Trustees. Contact details for the trustees are available. Please contact Council on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624).