Request for Tenders

Western Downs Regional Council invites tenders for the following projects:

Register of Panel Arrangements 2016-17

Western Downs Regional Council is seeking submissions to establish a Register of Panel Arrangements for the supply and/or delivery of the goods, services and works set out below which will be managed by particular contracts (all of which comprise the “Tender Package”).

Only the Returnable Schedules (Excel Format) and any required documentation to be emailed back to: tenders@wdrc.qld.gov.au prior to closing time and date of 12pm Tuesday 4 October 2016.

 OFFER CATEGORIES (click on the offer number of interest to download the documentation):

PA01-16-17 Supply of Engineering Services
PA02-16-17 Supply of Legal Services
PA03-16-17- Supply of Plant Hire – Trucks V2.1
PA04-16-17 Supply of Plant Hire-Earthmoving_Water Trucks V2.1
PA05-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Premix Concrete
PA06-16-17 Supply of Traffic Control Services
PA07-16-17 Supply of White Fleet Servicing
PA08-16-17 Supply of Yellow Plant Servicing
PA09-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Yellow Plant & Truck Procurement
PA10-16-17 Supply & Delivery of White Fleet Procurement
PA11-16-17 Supply of Training Provider Services
PA12-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Cement and Lime
PA13-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Emulsion and Precoat Oil
PA14-16-17 Supply of Electrical, Data Cabling and Refrigeration Services
PA15-16-17 Supply of Plumbing Services
PA16-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Chemicals V2
PA17-16-17 Supply of Utilities Civil Services
PA18-16-17 Supply of Civil Contractor Services
PA19-16-17 Supply of Road Stabilisation Services
PA20-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Bitumen & Asphalt Services
PA21-16-17 Supply & Delivery of Bulk Diesel Fuels V2

*If you are a local business and your goods and services that you offer do not fall within any of the above categories, we encourage businesses interested in working with us to register their details by completing the online Registration for Local Supplier Database form.
Addenda No 1 – 14/9/16 – PA21-16-17 – Final Panel Arrangement Agreement – Page 73 Part 6 Scope and Specifications – Changes to Annual Litres Volume Required (Approx) (Refer V2 for updated document)
Addenda No 2 – 20/9/16 – PA03-16-17 & PA04-16-17 Drop Down Boxes now working correctly in new returnable schedule excel document (Refer V2 for updated document)
Addenda No 3 – 21/9/16 – PA16-16-17 Chemicals – Additional Information in regard to Capacity of Chemical Tanks (Refer V2 for updated document)
Addenda No 4 – 21/9/16 – PA03-16-17 & PA04-16-17 Further amendment to Drop Down Boxes not working-refer to new returnable schedule excel document (Refer V2.1 for updated document)

The downloadable documentation consists of the following:

Request for Tender – This is for your information and review. This outlines how this tender will be conducted between yourself and Council.

Panel Arrangement Agreement – This is for your information and review (this is the proposed form of contract between yourself and Council should you be successful in being made a panel participant)

Returnable Schedule (Excel Format) – These are the schedules to be completed by you and returned to Council via tenders@wdrc.qld.gov.au in order to be considered for the various panel arrangements.

The period for this Register of Panel Arrangements commences on the date that Council resolves to accept the constitution of the Panel and will remain in place for a period of three (3) years, with an option of a further one (1) year extension to be exercised at Council’s absolute discretion. The Panel Arrangement will be reviewed periodically to assess supplier performance and consider alternatives.

Submissions must be received by 12 pm Tuesday 4 October 2016 and in accordance with the Conditions of Tender. Submissions received after the closing time may be deemed invalid.

Council may invite tenderers to change their submissions in accordance with the provision of Section 228 (7) of the Local Government Regulation 2012.  The Conditions of Tender set out the rights of the Council in connection with the RFT process. For further information and inquiries please contact Council’s Procurement Officer Mr David Carvosso on 07 4679 4208.

The Council will post updates (Addenda) on the Council’s website to keep tenderers regularly updated regarding the RFT, outlining any important information that the Council believes the Tenderer should be aware of before submitting their tender response.


Request for Quotations

Facilities Work Packages

Western Downs Regional Council wishes to advise that the following Work Packages for the supply and/or delivery of goods, services and works are now open for quotes and Expressions of Interest from suppliers.

Expressions of Interest must be received by 5pm Wednesday 12 October 2016. Submissions received after this time may not be considered.

For further information please contact Council’s Facilities Maintenance Coordinator, Tony Henningsen on 07 4660 7242 or tony.henningsen@wdrc.qld.gov.au.

Western Region (Miles, Wandoan and surrounds)

External Painting

Internal Painting

Window Treatments

Central Region (Chinchilla, Tara and surrounds)

External Painting

Carpets and Flooring


Eastern Region (Dalby and surrounds)

External and Internal Painting


Request for Tender

Western Downs Regional Council invites tenders for the following project:

Reference No: MM10-16-17 Timber Bridge Rehabilitation Package 1

Tender Documents are available for download via the Tenders.Net Australasia link below.  All requests for information or advice regarding documents are to be directed to Mr Nick Palm on nick.palm@wdrc.qld.gov.au or phone 07 4679 4638.

Tenders must be received by the closing time of 2pm on Thursday 13 October 2016. Submissions received after the closing time may be deemed invalid.

Tenders Net

Access Western Downs Regional Council tender requests at Tenders.Net Australasia

(if you experience any problems registering with Tenders Net, please contact Andrew Moran on 02 9747 1111. By downloading these documents from Tenders Net, you are assured of receiving any addendum’s throughout this tender process prior to the closing date).

Details of Contracts Awarded Greater Than $200,000

Details of Contracts Awarded Greater Than $200,000 1 August 2015 to 31 August 2016