Western Downs Planning Scheme

A New Planning Scheme For the RegionWestern-Downs-Planning-Scheme-logo

The Western Downs is a vibrant community well-known for offering a relaxed and friendly country lifestyle, enriching the spirit and liveability of those choosing to live, work and play in the region.

It is important that good planning is in place to manage growth and change so that the important qualities that make the Western Downs special are maintained and enhanced.

What is a Planning Scheme?

In support of Council’s strategic vision of creating a vibrant and sustainable region, the Western Downs Planning Scheme will shape our future land use development decisions. It also sets a fresh and innovative approach to managing and supporting long-term population and economic growth in the region. The Planning Scheme will apply to all properties in the Western Downs region. It sets out the preferred land use for each property and identifies what areas should be protected. To meet the needs of our region, we will need to ensure that the Western Downs Planning Scheme can facilitate:

  • Different types of housing to improve affordability (including housing for smaller families, an aging population and short-term accommodation);
  • Promote and facilitate economic development opportunities that utilise existing infrastructure capacity;
  • Sustain and protect agricultural production and support manufacturing and industrial activity;
  • Protect our natural environment and unique landscapes;
  • Provide enough land for urban expansion in our major regional centres including land for housing, shops and industry; and
  • Create great urban neighbourhoods which allow us to create liveable communities where our community want to live, work, play and interact.

For more information, please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624) or email the Strategic Planning Team.

Western Downs Planning Scheme

Entire Planning Scheme

Overlay Maps

Strategic Framework Maps

Zone Maps

Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Maps

Individual Parts

Appendix 1
Appendix 2

Part 1 – About the Scheme
Part 2 – State Planning Provisions
Part 3 – Strategic Plan
Part 4 – Local Government Infrastructure Plan
Part 5 – Tables of Assessment
Part 6 – Zone Codes
Part 7 – Local Plans
Part 8 – Overlay Codes
Part 9 – Development Codes
Part 10 – Other Plans
Schedule 1 – Definitions
Schedule 2 – Mapping
Schedule 3 – Local Government Infrastructure Plan Mapping & Supporting Material
Schedule 4 – Notations Required
Schedule 5 – Designation of Premises for Development
Schedule 6 – Planning Scheme Policy 1 – Development Manual
Schedule 6 – Planning Scheme Policy 2 – Ecological Assessment
Schedule 6 – Planning Scheme Policy 3 – Landscape Character
Schedule 6 – Planning Scheme Policy 4 – Local Heritage Places
Schedule 6 – Planning Scheme Policy 5 – Development Application Requirements
Schedule 6 – Planning Scheme Policy Index

Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 7) 2017

Additional Information


Zone Cards

Extrinsic Materials


Name Size
Fact Sheet – Development Codes 415.57 KB
Fact Sheet – Overlay Mapping 337.11 KB
Fact Sheet – Tables of Assessment 509.35 KB

Overlay Maps

Name Size
OM-001 Airport Environs 7.29 MB
OM-002 Biodiversity Areas (MSES) 14.38 MB
OM-003 Bush Fire 39.24 MB
OM-004 Flood Hazard 45.71 MB
OM-005 Cultural Heritage 24.63 MB
OM-006 Infrastructure 36.82 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industries 3.53 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [ATP] 9.97 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [EPC] 10.03 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [EPM] 7.71 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [MDL] 5.66 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [ML] 9.53 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [PCA] 7.93 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [PL] 8.93 MB
OM-007 Extractive Industry [PPL] 5.53 MB
OM-008 Agricultural Land Classification 12.63 MB
OM-009 Water Resource Catchment 7.31 MB
OM-010 Stock Routes 11.65 MB
OM-011 Scenic Amenity 14.93 MB
OM-012 Stormwater 47.34 MB
OM-013 Waterway Corridors 20.26 MB
OM-014 Wetlands 13.15 MB
OM-015 Road Hierarchy 24.43 MB
OM-016 Noise Corridor 9.00 MB

Strategic Framework Maps

Name Size
SPM-001 Settlement Patterns 13.05 MB
SPM-002 Natural Environment 18.19 MB
SPM-003 Community Identity Landscape Character 14.78 MB
SPM-004 Economic Development Natural Resources 14.56 MB
SPM-005 Access Mobility Infrastructure 9.59 MB

Zone Maps

Name Size
Zone Map 77.32 MB

Zone Cards

Name Size
Zone Cards – Community Facilities 180.86 KB
Zone Cards – District Centre 186.81 KB
Zone Cards – Local Centre 179.52 KB
Zone Cards – Low Density Residential 205.33 KB
Zone Cards – Low Impact Industry 189.87 KB
Zone Cards – Major Centre 203.72 KB
Zone Cards – Medium Density Residential 173.36 KB
Zone Cards – Medium Impact Industry 180.61 KB
Zone Cards – Residential Open Space 201.82 KB
Zone Cards – Rural 160.42 KB
Zone Cards – Rural Residential 204.82 KB
Zone Cards – Township 181.43 KB

Western Downs Regional Council Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

Name Size
Part 4 – Local Government Infrastructure Plan 225.06 KB

Western Downs Regional Council Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Maps

Name Size
LGIP – Drainage 5.79 MB
LGIP – Footpaths 5.32 MB
LGIP – Parks 5.70 MB
LGIP – PIA 5.89 MB
LGIP – Sewer 7.18 MB
LGIP – Transport 5.65 MB
LGIP – Water 5.59 MB

Extrinsic Materials

Name Size
LGIP Background – Drainage 320.66 KB
LGIP Background – Parks 756.64 KB
LGIP Background – Planning Assumptions 170.43 KB
LGIP Background – Transport 382.94 KB
LGIP Background – Water and Sewerage Networks 157.91 KB
LGIP SOW Model 4.00 MB
LGIP16 – Checklist 434.93 KB


Name Size
Desktop Valuation APV 2.35 MB
WDRC Sport and Rec Plan 3.13 MB

Planning Assumptions

Name Size
20 May 2015 Council Meeting Minutes 8.17 MB
2014 WDRC Land Demand Analyses Update 3.29 MB
OESR Population 142.00 KB

Transport and Drainage

Name Size
Chinchilla Master Stormwater Plans 21.38 MB
Dalby Master Stormwater Plans 2.76 MB
IS Audit Committee Report 2014 52.73 MB
LGIP Miles Wandoan 217.14 KB
Wandoan SW Drainage Concept Master Plan 10.69 MB
WDRC 10 Year Program Chinchilla 214.54 KB
WDRC 10 Year Program Dalby 377.48 KB
WDRC 10 Year Program Tara 147.88 KB

Water and Sewerage

Name Size
2011 Chinchilla Planning Analysis Summary Report 5.59 MB
2011 Dalby Planning Analysis Summary Report 6.57 MB
2011 Miles Planning Analysis Summary Report 5.28 MB
2011 Wandoan Planning Analysis Summary Report 4.03 MB
Chinchilla PWTP Upgrades Options Study 24 January 2013 240.38 KB
Chinchilla Sewer Network Planning Report 2.63 MB
Chinchilla WWTP Planning Report 2 July 2014 1.10 MB
Tara Water Sewer Network Planning Report 1.32 MB
WDRC Sewerage Asset Management Plan Part F 1.25 MB
WDRC Water Asset Management Plan Part E 2.48 MB