Western Downs Planning Scheme

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The Western Downs is a vibrant community well-known for offering a relaxed and friendly country lifestyle, enriching the spirit and liveability of those choosing to live, work and play in the region.

It is important that good planning is in place to manage growth and change so that the important qualities that make the Western Downs special are maintained and enhanced.


What is a Planning Scheme?


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Notice of Adoption of Western Downs Planning Scheme



What is a Planning Scheme?

In support of Council’s strategic vision of creating a vibrant and sustainable region, the Western Downs Planning Scheme will shape our future land use development decisions. It also sets a fresh and innovative approach to managing and supporting long-term population and economic growth in the region. The Planning Scheme will apply to all properties in the Western Downs region. It sets out the preferred land use for each property and identifies what areas should be protected. To meet the needs of our region, we will need to ensure that the Western Downs Planning Scheme can facilitate:

  • Different types of housing to improve affordability (including housing for smaller families, an aging population and short-term accommodation);
  • Promote and facilitate economic development opportunities that utilise existing infrastructure capacity;
  • Sustain and protect agricultural production and support manufacturing and industrial activity;
  • Protect our natural environment and unique landscapes;
  • Provide enough land for urban expansion in our major regional centres including land for housing, shops and industry; and
  • Create great urban neighbourhoods which allow us to create liveable communities where our community want to live, work, play and interact.

For more information, please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 COUNCIL (1300 268 624) or email the Strategic Planning Team.