Town Planning

Current Western Downs Regional Council Planning Schemes

Town planning (or land use planning) is one of the most important mechanisms available to local government in achieving important social, cultural and environment management goals. It is about making living and working environments safe, healthy, efficient and aesthetically pleasing through the arrangement of land uses. Town planning also provides certainty for people by outlining to them what can be expected to occur in their local communities.

The previous Councils that amalgamated to form Western Downs Regional Council used a number of planning documents to guide the development of the community. Town Planning Schemes contain provisions for the regulation, implementation and administration of each specific Planning Scheme and the statement of objectives and criteria for the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Council’s various Planning Schemes are below.


Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution No. 6 2015

Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolute No. 6 2015 (5,357KB)

Map 1 Priority Infrastructure Areas (6,400KB)
Map 2 Charge Areas (8,065KB)
Map 3 Trunk Infrastructure Water (3,610KB)
Map 4 Trunk Infrastructure Sewerage (3,747KB)
Map 5 Trunk Infrastructure Parks and Community (4,784KB)
Map 6 Trunk Infrastructure Footpaths (3,735KB)
Map 7 Trunk Infrastructure Drainage (4,181KB)
Map 8 Trunk Infrastructure Transport (3,914KB)


Planning Schedules

Schedule 1: Division 2 - Roads Car Parking Manoeuvring Areas and Access - Chinchilla, Murilla, Taroom and Wambo

Schedule 4: Car Parking Spaces - Dalby Planning Scheme

Schedule 7: Roads Hierarchy for ROL Code - Dalby Planning Scheme

Schedule 15: Headworks Contribution - Dalby Planning Scheme

Western Downs Regional Council Fees and Charges Schedule


Codes for Assessment Templates

Chinchilla Codes

  1. Rural Zone Code
  2. Rural Residential Zone Code
  3. Small Town Zone Code
  4. Urban Zone Code
  5. Commercial Zone Code
  6. Industrial Zone Code
  7. Mixed Use Zone Code
  8. Open Space and Recreational Zone Code
  9. Reconfiguring a Lot Code

Dalby Codes

  1. Town Zone Code - Town Centre Precinct Template
  2. Reconfiguring a Lot - Code Template
  3. Rural Zone Code - General Developement Template
  4. Rural Zone Code - Open Space Precinct Template
  5. Rural Zone Code - Specific Land Uses - Host Home Accommodation and Telecom Facility Template
  6. Town Zone Code - General - For All Development
  7. Town Zone Code - Commerce and Trade Precinct and Overlay Template
  8. Town Zone Code - Industry and Light Industry Precinct Template
  9. Town Zone Code - Specific Land Uses Template

Murilla Codes

  1. Rural Zone Code
  2. Small Town Zone Code
  3. Urban Zone Code
  4. Commercial Zone Code
  5. Industrial Zone Code
  6. Mixed Use Zone Code
  7. Open Space and Recreational Zone Code
  8. Reconfiguring a Lot Code

Tara Codes

  1. Caravan Park Code
  2. Commercial Development Code
  3. Community Facilities Code
  4. Extractive Industry Code
  5. Filling and Excavation Code
  6. Home Based Occupation Code
  7. Host Home Accommodation Code
  8. House Code
  9. Industrial Development Code
  10. Infrastructure Parking Servicing and Waste Water Code
  11. Intensive Animal Industry Code
  12. Multi-unit Dwelling and Motel Code
  13. Reconfiguring a Lot Code
  14. Rural Worker Accommodation Units Code
  15. Rural Zone and Rural Residential Zone Development
  16. Telecommunication Tower Code
  17. Temporary Residential Accommodation Code

Taroom Codes

  1. Rural Zone Code
  2. 2 Rural Residential Zone Code
  3. Small Town Zone Code
  4. Urban Zone Code
  5. Commercial Zone Code
  6. Industrial Zone Code
  7. Open Space and Recreational Zone Code
  8. Reconfiguring a Lot Code

Wambo Codes

  1. Urban Zone Code
  2. Bunya Mountains Zone Code
  3. Commercial Zone Code
  4. Industrial Zone Code
  5. Mixed Use Zone Code
  6. Open Space and Recreationl Zone Code
  7. Reconfiguring a Lot Code
  8. Rural Residential Zone Code
  9. Rural Zone Code
  10. Small Town Zone Code


Gravel Pits and Extractive Industries

Gravel extraction activities require town planning approval and operations exceeding 5,000 tonne per year also require approval under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Council has prepared a Gravel Supply Information Sheet for landholders interested in supplying gravel from their properties to Council, industry and commercial Users.

Gravel Supply Information Fact Sheet


External Links

Electronic Application Lodgement Service

The smart eDA online application preparation, lodgement and assessment service is an option for making development applications with Western Downs Regional Council. Council also accepts hard copy applications.

Details on Development Assessment

Fact Sheets - Department of Housing and Public Works

Building and sustainable housing fact sheets

Plumbing and drainers fact sheets