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Careers with Council

Would you like to combine a rewarding career with a relaxed country lifestyle in a safe and friendly community environment?

You’ll feel right at home in the Western Downs Region.

At Western Downs Regional Council, we understand that the continued success of our organisation depends on the quality of our people. To ensure we attract and retain the best possible people to meet our future needs, we provide a range of benefits including:

Community Engagement

You’ll work closely with the local community, respond to their needs and provide them with real solutions – you’ll make a difference.


No work will be the same, and you’ll find many opportunities to multiskill.

Job Flexibility

You’ll be able to move freely within the industry and around the state.

Job Security

Your job will be secure and you’ll enjoy annual leave, long service leave and superannuation schemes.


Opportunities to lead and manage will be there if you want them.


Your new direction will really improve your quality of life.

Professional Development

You’ll always be encouraged to undertake further education and training, so you will continually develop new skills and expertise.


Your advancement options will be very broad, and in some areas your merit-based promotion may come sooner than you expect.


There are professional associations that will support your training and provide you with opportunities to continually expand your skills and experience.


You will be in demand throughout Australia and even overseas, so your opportunities to travel will increase.


The work is varied and spans many professional and trade areas.


It’s a dynamic, fair and flexible work environment.

To start your career with Council, see what current vacancies are available.


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